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About WTV

World TV Group (WTV) was founded in June 2000 as a pay TV network on SKY Digital. Based on the concept of communication and creativity, plus the efforts in past decade, World TV Group enters the digital era in 2010, become an all-rounded multimedia group.

We provide Asian immigrants with high-quality programmes, including news, information, cultural activities and entertainment through full fetch multi-dimensional media mix of radio and TV broadcast, the Internet, and point-of-purchase digital screens.

This is empowered by our locally produced news and public affairs programmes, and they serve as the bridge between New Zealand mainstream society and Asian communities.  We wish to contribute in fostering the sense of culture, language and heritage among our new generations.

WTV currently running on Freeview (Free-to-air) platform.

The first 24-hour free-to-air Chinese TV channel joined the service on the 1st of August 2007, setting a milestone for Asian broadcasting in New Zealand as it is the first Chinese channel to enter into the Freeview channel platform.  WTV currently operating two Freeview channels (Freeview 28 & 29) with local produced programmes and imported programme from Greater China Region.   These highly distinctive local news and forum programmes, establishing a bridge of communication and interaction between the Asian community and mainstream society in NZ.

In September 2012, WTV purchased 10 television channels nationwide issued by the NZ government, this provided the opportunity to expand its business scope, in addition to enabling leasing of channels to other television media organizations. Hence, WTV has become the second largest digital television operator in New Zealand.

WTV has three Chinese radio stations. These three radio frequencies could be received in the Greater Auckland area through AM936 (Mandarin Newstalk), FM104.2 (Mandarin Music) and FM99.4 (Cantonese).  To cope with the modern lifestyle, one can also tune into these three stations through our APP on iOS and Android platforms, portal website (936.nz) and SKY Digital platform in New Zealand nationwide. Currently, the listenership for both the Mandarin and Cantonese stations reaches a rating of 92%.

Digital Platforms:
The rapid development of the online world gradually formed concepts of the new media. Our portal website 936.nz was established by WTV to provide a comprehensive range of stereoscopic video, audio, images, text and also other information on the full range of new media platforms. Through 936.nz listeners can tune in at demand of any programs that had been broadcasted.

Another New Media WTV had developed is the WeChat Public Platform.   Audience and fans can receive the latest news and messages related to the Chinese community.  Regular interactive games, lucky draws and activities are organized to keep a huge audience/fans base.

Large-Scale Events and Concerts:
2008: WTV has hosted various events including Chinese New Year Carnival; Multicultural Festival; Moon Cake Festival and other activities since 2008. Each event has attracted around 60,000 Asian audiences. Successive New Zealand Prime Ministers has also regularly attended the various events, celebrating Chinese festivals with the Asian community.

2004: WTV has hosted the annual New Zealand New Talent Regional Final Singing Contest since 2004.

2006: WTV has hosted the annual Miss Chinese New Zealand Pageant Contest since 2006.

2004: Since 2004, WTV has invited numerous famous singers and performing arts groups from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to perform in NZ.

2010: WTV became the annual contractor for Phoenix Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant New Zealand Division finals since 2010, in 2011 WTV also the hosted Oceania Division finals.

Today WTV has become the collaboration partners for China Central Television and also Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station. In the future, WTV will continue to strive for innovation and creativity, in addition to improving their competitiveness, in order to better serve the Chinese community in New Zealand.